Jeremy Miller started exploring electronic music in 1993 at the age of 15. He had started working at an unofficial capacity helping out as a bar back with friends at the infamous night Club “Ground Zero”.

Ground Zero had been catering to the Industrial & Gothic scene primarily but after some time they started to host limited annual rave parties.

In the following years Jeremy started playing mostly trance, techno, big room, and some house music. As “DJ N10CT”.

He consistently played clubs throughout the West Coast. Additionally, Jeremy worked with Seismic Productions, where he began his infatuation with music production in a professional studio. Seismic Productions had studios in Los Angeles, and did a variety of desert underground shows.

Jeremy released a DJ album (Mental Ecstasy: DJ N10CT) through Tower Records, and capitalized on his successful CD release playing clubs and underground venues across the United States.

Jeremy often wanted to set himself apart with his approach to DJing and would implement unique things like chains of guitar pedals and so on for dramatic effects in addition to the tracks and sequences played live onstage.

In the Late 90’s dance Music was peaking coast to coast and he was navigating through what seemed like an evolution in the scene.

He has spent most of his life living between Hawaii, California and Colorado.

In 2015 he decided to go ahead and start making preparations for establishing a new home base in Southern California to fully immerse himself in what he believes to be one of the greatest EDM locations in the world!



Matty Spangler started DJ’ing in Arizona 20 years ago where he began playing the underground music scene and quickly progressed into a mainstay role at numerous large nightclubs in the Southwest.

Matty then joined forces with London West Records in Phoenix, and eventually took over ownership. London West Records became the hub of the dance music scene in Phoenix. Matty and LWR were involved in DJ’ing, DJ bookings at clubs and raves, professional audio repair, promotions, selling event tickets, producing / promoting DJ mixes, and managing hundreds of events.

In addition, Matty worked closely with Relentless Beats, the EDM powerhouse in AZ today. They met and worked together at the nightclub Myst House 7340 for nearly six years and this was the catalyst that brought underground dance music to the main stream in Arizona.

Furthermore, Matty was involved with Earthdance for about three years (in the late 2000’s), managing multiple stages and never missing the opportunity to hit the stage himself.

In 2005, Matty won the New Times DJ competition and played at Ultra Music Fest in Miami.

Matty has since become increasingly involved in music production releasing several tracks under Matty Spangler (progressive) and Nick Papageorgio (Deep House).

Matt and Jeremy crossed paths here and there over the last 10 years but it was in July of 2014 at the SKY HIGH event that the first discusions of working together occured.