Infected Mushroom | Relentless Beats | Phoenix, AZ | APRIL 29, 2016

We are the opening act for Infected Mushroom at the end of April and we couldn’t be more excited!

Infected Mushroom is absolutely amazing and we are thankful for their very existence as they have been one of the pivotal sounds that has helped shape the Dance Music community on a global level. Many thanks to all parties involved (Especially Relentless Beats) for letting us get things warmed up for them!

We have already been getting responses left and right from so many of you who are coming out, A HUGE THANKS FROM BINARY HERTZ GOES OUT TO ALL OF YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

For those of you who aren’t able to get to this one, it’s all good. We’ve been asked several times if this is the only time we will be out there this year and the answer is NO! Already we are negotiating dates for the fall and might even pop up on your radar this summer.

Yes we WILL have some really cool giveaways and limited merchandise available at the show. We do not yet have an online cart but we hope to have all of that set up by the end of spring.

That’s not all!

Hey you “Children of The Burn”, the 30th of April you can find us at Saguaro Man just outside of Snowflake, Arizona.

*More details on that SOON

Finally a multitude of remixes and original cuts will start hitting the market on Tuesday March 1st starting with an Electro House single entitled “Extravagasm”. This track will be available on most Digital Distribution networks including but not limited to:

Google Play
YouTube Music
Groove Music

And about 20 more that you’ve never heard of! LOL

Please buy a copy if you’re able. Every couple bucks puts Coffee in Matty & Jeremys soul, also helps to keep bottled water in the studio so we can stay awake as well as alive while making more music.

What else…

We tossed a remix of Sean Paul at you last week to grab and go with more freebies on the way (and yes we will keep all of you posted as they appear 😉 The remix can be enjoyed HERE.

Did someone say Cilantro? Yeah… Cilantro! What is or Who is this Cilantro guy anyway? More on Cilantro later this week!

March Itinerary:

The official Binary Hertz YouTube Music Channel will be launched featuring everything from “Studio Moments” and “Outtakes” to our highly anticipated “Scare Cam” (That’s where we try to scare Matty in the treacherous jungles of California).

“We want more TUNES!” Okay guys let get this party started!

First up… Code Name “Slow Jam” to be released in the 2nd week of March on the above mentioned Digital Distribution Networks. Slow Jam is a Breaky, Dubby, twisted beat with a hopped up House turn around that is in its final stages.

Next Stop… “Into The Night” Another original that will drop at the end of March. This tune is a ripper. Built with beauty and chaos this one WILL move you… and for now we will leave it at that!