2017 Tre3Hau5 Presents – Donald Glaude & Binary Hertz

Denver, CO, United States
776 Lincoln Street
Denver, CO 80203
United States
(303) 885-8589
Tre3Hau5 Presents - Donald Glaude & Binary Hertz
8:00 pm

Donald Glaude’s Records/Eden Recordings

Confident. Exuberant. Raw. Innovative. These are just a few of the words industry insiders and fans have used to describe the talent behind one of America’s favorite house DJs, Donald Glaude. From a career spanning over two decades, traveling and rocking dance floors all over the globe, Donald Glaude has cemented his reputation as a crowd-rocking favorite and one of the most in demand artists in the United States. He is one of those rare DJs who perceives their role to be that of an all around entertainer and performer. He exudes energy, dropping track after track, arms aloft, and has been known to join the dancers on the floor. It is the combination of these ingredients that have helped him create a unique connection with his audience.

Radioactive Recordings

Jeremy Miller started exploring electronic music at the age of 15.
In the following years he started playing mostly trance, techno, big room, and some house music.
Jeremy often wanted to set himself apart with his approach to DJing and would implement unique things like chains of guitar pedals and so on for dramatic effects in addition to the tracks and sequences played live onstage.
Matty Spangler started DJ’ing in Arizona 20 years ago where he began playing the underground music scene and quickly progressed into a mainstay role at numerous large nightclubs in the Southwest.
In 2005, Matty won the New Times DJ competition and played at Ultra Music Fest in Miami.
Matty has since become increasingly involved in music production releasing several tracks under Matty Spangler (progressive) and Nick Papageorgio (Deep House).

(Overmind Works, Rocky Mountain Resonance)


*Happy Hour 7:30pm-9:00pm*

Rooftop lounge with main stage sound

2 areas 1 VIBE