iMac Graphics Card – Oven Baked *FIX* – With Donald Glaude & Jeremy Miller

Donald and Jeremy attempt to resurrect an AMD Graphics card from an iMAC after the dreaded white and grey (or sometimes pink) vertical line display failure.

After some research we found that the solder bridge had broken. The fix??? Baking it in the kitchen oven.

Yeah, for real!!

This approximate $700 replacement can be avoided by actually baking it in your oven.

Here’s How:

01. Proper removal of your graphics card
02. Clean all thermal compound off the card
03. Pre-Heat Kitchen oven to 390 degrees F. (or 200 C.)
04. Place Graphics card in a pan with a riser of some kind *We Used Crumpled Tin Foil*
05. Place pan in the oven for 8:00 to 8:10
06. Remove pan leaving card in place for at least 15+ Minutes
07. Re-Apply Thermal Compound to Graphics Card *We Used Arctic Silver 5*
08. Reassemble Computer (Takes a while)
09. Play House Music While Rebuilding *We Used DJ DAN*
10. Turn on your iMAC and ENJOY!!!

Results may vary.


We are NOT responsible in any way for what may happen during your experience!!!

!!Good Times!!