Jeremy Miller Front Man Binary Hertz

Jeremy Miller

Binary Hertz is an American Dance Music Project led by front man Jeremy Miller. Producing and performing all original material while combining an infusion of live elements using MIDI controlled devices with an emphasis in Trance, Tech, Techno and House. Blurring the lines between genres and pushing creativity in many new directions both on and off stage have resulted in the development of everything from that “Funky, Filter, Disco House” vibe as well as a full spectrum exploration of “Progressive, Euphoric” and even “Melodic Dubstep / Chilled Out” tracks.

Along with Producer Sam Norris (Techno Deviant and Audio Bender) Binary Hertz have cultivated many new sounds across the board and has been hitting the charts across the board in 2020 and 2021.

In addition to the fast growing original body of work produced by them they've also done remixes of "Disarm You" by Kaskade, "At Night" by Shakedown, "Bring It" by Wyght and were featured on The Official "Groove Is In The Heart" Remix pack with Donald Glaude.

Often taking the center stage in Duo fashion and playing their own music exclusively, they have already toured with and grabbed the attention of Donald Glaude, DJ Dan, The Crystal Method and Infected Mushroom on many occasions.

In early 2020 they hit #2 on the charts during their debut with DJ Dan's InStereo Records with the release of "Lobster Spank". By the end of the year the were featured on Dan's "InStereo All-Stars" release with another original cut entitled "Cozy-Ozy". The album shot straight to the top of the House music charts for the remainder of the year.

Jeremy Miller and Sam Norris of The Electronic Music Duo Binary Hertz

Jeremy Miller

Sam Norris